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Orphan Block Quilts

RRP $49.99

Make a home for your orphaned blocks!

Orphaned blocks can find their way into any quilter's life. Whether they are leftover from an unfinished project, collectible blocks found at a garage sale, or even antique blocks discovered in your great-aunt's attic, Tricia Lynn Maloney will teach you how to care for your orphan blocks, and make a home for them.

Orphan Block Quilts includes:

*14 projects, with 11 variations. From full-size bed quilts to table runners, these projects incorporate blocks from the 1880s to the 1950s.

*Instructions on caring for your orphan blocks. Find out about the common problems you might encounter with your orphans, and how to work with them.

*Advice on designing a setting. Not only does Tricia provide guidance on creating companions blocks and finding companion fabric, she also offers insight on how she overcame the design challenges of each project.

*The story behind each quilt. In addition to historical information about various fabrics and blocks, Tricia shares the stories of two of the blockmakers, providing a precious glimpse of the lives sewn into the seams of the blocks.

If you don't have any orphan blocks, Tricia gives you advice on locating potential sources, whether from your own family or online. And it's easy to substitute brand-new blocks, and make a new quilt from the ground up. Check out the 11 variations in the book, where Tricia did just that!

Whether your orphan blocks are antique, vintage, collectible or simply leftover from a recent project, you can sew the perfect setting that will let the blocks shine!

Collection Of Antique Asian Puppetry

RRP $238.99

Quilting Books

RRP $15.99

This is a 2 In 1 box set compilation of 2 books. This compilation includes Mary Kay Hunziger's 2 titles: Book 1: Quilting Books: 99+ Marketing & Crafts Resources & Places To Sell For Profit Book 2: Crafting Is Like you! Mary Kay Hunziger is one of America's most passionate advocates of turning simple craft projects into profitable from passion to profit businesses plus she is an expert in teaching adults and kids how to quilt, how to sew, how to knit, how to craft and most importantly how to turn these valuable skills into cold hard cash. Mary Kay has written a series of best-selling quilting, knitting, sewing and crafting books. This 2 In 1 compilation is the perfect introduction to profiting from quilting. Inside you will get access to her 300+ profitable resources. These 300+ resources include places to research & sell your DIY quilting items beyond Etsy, Dawanda & Pinterest. These are places that you probably never even heard of before, but you definitely want to make use of these resources because that is how the quilting and crafting elite is secretly profiting from their passions. If you want to become financially independent with selling your own creations make sure to take a close look at this quilting reference guide because this is how you are able to secretly profit from what you love doing! This is how the quilting and crafting elite is doing it and inside you will find these secret resources so that you can benefit from this knowledge! Most quilting books don't give you the secret profiting resources and they do not reveal their secret sources. Inside this compilation you'll find a holistic approach that does give you the opportunities with quilting & the secret resources. It is nice to be able to quilt, but being able to profit from this knowledge for the rest of your life is even cooler. This is the type of knowledge that is going to make you financially independent which is way more valuable than just a quilting course. Inside this compilation you will get the opportunity with quilting and the secret resources that enable you to turn your passion into profits, plus you'll get some awesome inspirational creativity discovery tools that will accelerate your creative process on top of everything. Inside you'll find: * From passion to profit opportunities you can secretly cash in with quilting * Includes 50+ Quilting Resources Beyond Etsy, Dawanda, eBay & Pinterest * 250+ Creative & Inspirational Craft Resources * My Personal Rolodex Of 80+ Secret Craft Resources * Inspirational crafting moments to accelerate your creative process and great for a sleuth of practical uses * Unforgettable, fun and inspirational crafting moments via 25 inspirational poems & quotes that are perfect for your knitting or craft journal or notebook to help the creative discovery process and mindful creativity * Just more quilting fun with this ultimate from passion to profit profitable opportunities & resource reference guides * Your ultimate quilting compilation to make profits like the pros This 2 in 1 box set compilation is about your own quilting and crafting journey and discovery and about taking the opportunity and turning it into a very profitable venture for yourself. It is the perfect little gift that you can give to anyone who loves quilting to show your affection. It is even a great gift idea for a child who already can read. The earlier you start his or her creative discovery phase to develop his or her inner creativity and realease it the better his or her quality of crafting life is going to get in the future. If you love your child, use the Craft Poem A Day Book that is included to discover the many ways of creativity with him or her because you can not give them a more valuable gift than making them aware of the unlimited possibilities that life with creativity or any sort of inspirational & creative introspection...Pick up your copy today and let the creativit


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Quilting Quilts Quilters Quilt Making
Baby Quilt Quilt Patterns Quilt Fabric Antique Quilt

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