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Tips For A Perfect Result Of Batik Fabric Quilting

Originally from Indonesia, most of the Batik material which is currently available is made in Bali. Batik is preceded by canting, which was in use by women in Java in Indonesia. It is a form of art which uses dyeing as its base. Making of Batik, though simple, can give very attractive results. Interestingly, this form of art was and still practiced by women. Special copper caps are used to cover the cloth with wax on which batik is to be done. This cloth carries very intricate designs. Once c........ Read More

How To Buy Cotton Quilting Fabric – Part I

Buying quilting fabric seems like it should be pretty simple. And, frankly, when I began quilting it was simple. At least I made it that way. I wandered through the fabric store and found fabric I liked – the pattern, the color, the design. But generally, I bought fabric just because I liked it. As a result, my quilting fabric stash included all types of fabrics – polyesters, cotton/polyesters, rayons, and some wools. After a few quilting experiences (some of which were pretty bad), I ........ Read More

Choosing Quilt Fabric

There are many different types of fabric that may be used in patchwork, quilting and appliqué. The following information will help you identify and choose the best fabric for your projects. Calico is a strong, plain weave fabric. It is available in a variety of weights and is usually white or natural with darker flecks. Corduroy or fine-wale corduroy is a plain-weave fabric with vertical pile-effect ribbing. It frays easily but is suitable for appliqué and large-scale patch pieces. ........ Read More

Quilting Fabric – The Personality Of A Quilt

A handmade quilt is a thing of beauty; not just for the technical skill that it so clearly requires, but also for the passion required by the quilter to produce such a beautiful result. In all ways, a quilt reflects the love and personality of its maker; and nowhere is that more evident than in the choice of quilting fabric. The choosing of quilting fabric is by far the most important element of quilting. The quilting fabric is largely chosen based on the ultimate use for the quilt. For a qui........ Read More

Choosing Fabrics For Quilting

Many crafters are drawn to quilting because of the wide variety of beautiful fabrics available. Walk into any fabric store or quilting shop, and your eyes are nearly overwhelmed with all the choices in fiber and color. Bolts of fabrics in a rainbow of colors assail the senses. The contemporary quilter is lucky indeed to have the huge array of fabrics available to her. However, this embarrassment of riches can also lead to uncertainty in selecting the correct fabrics for a quilting project......... Read More

Quilting Fabric: Your Essential Guide

No quilt would be complete without quilting fabric, for obvious reasons. It is the material that makes a quilt a quilt and, as a result, you will need plenty of quilting fabric in order to complete the task. Quilting fabric can come in any size, shape and colour you desire and it can also be of any material type that you choose. However, there is a knack to choosing the best quilting fabric for your designs that experts in this field have down to a fine art. Any beginner would do well to learn t........ Read More


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Quilting Quilts Quilters Quilt Making
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